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The end for software suspend - slow's blogged life
The world conspires against me and nobody believes

Julio Biason
Date: 2005-05-03 21:20
Subject: The end for software suspend
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Music:Pride Of Lions - Falling Back To Them
So I have being using software suspend for about two months and I finally gave up. I'll not suspend it anymore. Today I had the perfect example of how this really fucks up the kernel.

Last night I updated my Ubuntu to Breezy Badger, the development version. Everything went fine, so I just rebooted this morning (just to make sure that everything would run with the latest version). I can't remember this going so snappy before. It was really I joy to see this old laptop kicking ass again. So, everything working, time to go to work. Software suspend and there we go.

At night, back to home. Open laptop, see the quick startup, login and... everything is running so slow it is really a pain just to wait things go. It is like someone came here and broke the kernel leg and said "try to run now". It really sucks.

I already had this kind of problem: when using apm, it also turned my laptop into something unusable. The system "feels" like every cache is turned off and every process is running with high priority.

This is the end. From now on, complete shutdown.
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