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It was really you? (slow plays soccer) - slow's blogged life
The world conspires against me and nobody believes

Julio Biason
Date: 2006-06-28 22:51
Subject: It was really you? (slow plays soccer)
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Tags:hurt, life, pain, soccer
So my legs hurt. They are in this state since yesterday, when I played soccer with some co-workers. You can really say they were desperate for a team, so desperate they had to call me.

I think I've never run so much in my life. I mean, I was always too much ahead on every pass. Also, I have a 50% hit rate on the ball: four kicks and two really hit the ball; the others, just air. Go me!

Seriously now: you know when you have that feeling that "yeah, maybe I would like to do it, but I'm not good so I think I won't do it"? Well, I had it when they call me. Thank God they were really incisive about that, so I didn't drop out. I really needed something to do, and the first ten minutes proved I was right: after trying to get into every movement (I was the crazy guy that run all over the field), I felt some pain on my left side of the chest. At first my worries go to appendicitis (well, you never know) but, after playing as a goal-keeper for some minutes relieved the pain and I could run again, till my legs gave up.

Right now, it is still hard to walk over any ladder, but I can't wait for the game next week...
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