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Xgl+Compiz - slow's blogged life
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Julio Biason
Date: 2006-02-15 22:44
Subject: Xgl+Compiz
Security: Public
Finally, Xgl and Compiz hit the Ubuntu Dapper repositories. Xgl, for those who didn't know, is a experimental Xserver implementation (and an Xserver is the thing that make Linux don't look like old DOS). Usually, the system would open the graphical mode and, when one program wanted to draw things using OpenGL, it would handle a "rendering context", an area where OpenGL would do its 3D stuff; Xgl is the reverse: it is a whole rendering context, with the Xserver running inside it. So, everything would run on 3D. That's a good thing, since most modern video cards don't have 2D acceleration, only 3D acceleration (and would draw 2D stuff faster even inside a 3D context).

After some fighting, I managed to make it run on my user (instead of root). I'll post a how to later, but I'm too busy right now making some windows dance in the desktop and seeing a cube every time I switch workspaces.

So, a little screenshot for you:

Xgl+Compiz Xgl+Compiz

Showing the compiz "cube" running. Any changes on those two desktops would immediately appear.

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